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Spring Promotion

Bonus 35% from your deposit, up to 50 Euro / 62,50 USD / 48 GBP and up to 62,50 EUR / 78 USD / 60,50 GBP for users betting at least 15 slips per month for the last 3 months period.

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change in "rules of the games" tenis - retired play

From 28.09.2015 - there has been a change in "rules of the games" acc. tennis. As from now as a result of player's retirement from the game - all bets concerning this event will be granted as cancelled.

New functionality – slips cancellation

Now you can cancel your own slips up to 3 minutes from its creation.
See details on your slips just after you bet it.

New loyalty program

Check out the new loyalty program with new, better prizes.


Open an account and receive 50% bonus of the initial deposit up to 62,50 EUR.

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»  (surface: clay; prize money: € 23968900)
End time 1 x2
24.05 16:00 1.174.53
24.05 16:05 1.086.70
24.05 16:20 1.482.50
»  (surface: carpet; prize money: € 482 060)
End time 1 x2
24.05 16:05 1.184.39
»  (surface: clay; prize money: $ 226 750)
End time 1 x2
24.05 16:05 1.732.01
End time 1 x2
AS Vita Club-Mamelodi Sundowns
24.05 16:30 1.933.253.70
End time 1 x2
24.05 17:00 1.174.42
End time 1 x2
Rivers United FC-FUS Rabat
24.05 17:00 1.703.254.80
End time 1 x2
Suduva Mjp-Vmfd Zalgiris
24.05 17:00 3.453.301.95
End time 1 x2
Asa Targu Mures-Fc Voluntari
24.05 17:00 3.453.152.05
promotion ends

Affiliate program

Our affiliate program is the best way for web-site owners to earn additional money by linking their sites to betgun.com. Also none website owners may earn from your affiliate program by using links on chat rooms, blogs, forums etc.

Advantages of our partners program:

  • Up to 40% revenue share
  • no Negative Carry over for the next months
  • each month withdrawals just from 50 Euro
  • administration fee just 3%
  • no formalities
  • full stats and reports for your PP account
  • profit from your affiliation for 36 months

Simple rules:

  1. each user of betgun.com can be an affiliate – you don’t have to run a company, issue us invoices
  2. all you earn is all you get – there are no taxes we want you to pay
  3. your betgun.com account will be provided with the earned commission each first day of next month
  4. the earned commission you can withdraw or bet on our site without any limits*
  5. one acquired client will generate profit for you for 36 months (3 year)

How it works:

  1. you start with registering to betgun.com
  2. on settings site you will find advertising links and banners for your choice
  3. after placing the link or banner on your website – it’s ready
  4. each acquired client which will register coming from your site will be assigned to your affiliate program earnings
  5. we give you up to 40% of net profit generated for us by the client acquired by you – view the example below and comission plan
  6. for 36 months your account will be provided with the commission you earn each month clients acquired by you generate profit for us
  7. if affiliated customers do not gain profit for us in some month, negative balance is not carried over for the next month
  8. undecided slips in the previous month are counted for the next month turnover
  9. and after receiving payment you can withdraw it or bet on betgun.com
  10. the program starts after you acquire at least five customers which will deposit

Commission plan for PP3:

% profit a month from customers
25% 0 - 1 500 Euro
30% 1 500 - 10 000 Euro
35% 10 000 - 20 000 Euro
40% over 20 000 Euro

Your profit it's the turnover minus turnament payouts and costs for bets.
Your revenue share is counted by this simle equation = money spent on bets - won bets - bonuses - 3% administration fee - possible chargebacks/scams

profit for the month 12 000 Euro - 1 000 Euro bonus (samle amount) - 3% fees = 10 670 Euro
10 670 Euro =
1 500 Euro x 25% = 375 Euro
8 500 Euro x 30% = 2 550 Euro
670 Euro x 35% = 236,25 Euro
Total = 3161,25 Euro of your profit!

Stats and reports for our affiliate program are registered only by promotional materials from BetGun.com system, it means such a materials that were downloaded or linked/copied from our gallery and was added to "your promotional materials".
Partners who started cooperation with BetGun.com before 20th of May 2010 are asked to refresh their HTML code placed on their websites.

Those who took part in our affiliate program before 20th of May 2010 may change their profit plan for PP3.
From the moment of such a change each new customer affiliated by you will be gaining profit for you on terms of PP3.

There is no possibility to return to previous affiliate program plan after choosing PP3.

View the terms and conditions of the previously active partner programs: Affiliate programs PP1 and PP2

Accounts opened from the same IP address as affiliates, indicating the close relation with the affiliate (family members) or even himself (in particular erasing cookies files, similar data entires, sessions, etc. indicating the coaxing) will be excluded from the affiliates account.
Repeating attempts of such a coaxing will not be tolerated and will result in deleting of affiliate account.
Accounts with affiliate program does not apply for bonuses.

*( withdraw of affiliate brokerage will be charged with transfer fees the same way all other withdraws are charged.

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