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change in "rules of the games" tenis - retired play

From 28.09.2015 - there has been a change in "rules of the games" acc. tennis. As from now as a result of player's retirement from the game - all bets concerning this event will be granted as cancelled.

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End time 1 x2
Mfk Zemplin Michalovce-Mfk Ruzomberok
04.12 17:30
End time 1 x2
FC Augsburg-Eintracht Frankfurt
04.12 17:30 2.853.002.70
End time 1 x2
EC VSV-EC Graz 99ers
04.12 17:30 1.954.502.85
HC Orli Znojmo-HCB Sudtirol
04.12 17:30 2.154.402.55
KAC Klagenfurt-EHC Liwest Black Wings Linz
04.12 17:30 2.304.302.40
Sapa Fehervar Av19-Dornbirner Ec
04.12 17:30 2.124.402.60
End time 1 x2
EC Red Bull Salzburg-HC Asiago
04.12 17:30 2.704.601.94
End time 1 x2
Brose Bamberg - Science City Jena
04.12 18:00
Walter Tigers Tubingen - Ratiopharm Ulm
04.12 18:00 4.951.16
End time 1 x2
Ask Ks Siarka Tarnobrzeg - Mks Dabrowa Gornicza
04.12 18:00 3.141.34
promotion ends


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