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change in "rules of the games" tenis - retired play

From 28.09.2015 - there has been a change in "rules of the games" acc. tennis. As from now as a result of player's retirement from the game - all bets concerning this event will be granted as cancelled.

New functionality – slips cancellation

Now you can cancel your own slips up to 3 minutes from its creation.
See details on your slips just after you bet it.

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Deposit free of charge via every Skrill/Moneybookers method (also with credit/deposit cards). Moreover, up to 5 free withdrawals within a month to Skrill/Moneybookers e-wallet and 1 per week to a bank account.


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End time 1 x2
Cracovia Krakow-Pogo? Szczecin
19.02 15:30 2.333.203.00
End time 1 x2
UMS de Loum-AC Leopards de Dolisie
19.02 15:30 1.673.354.70
End time 1 x2
Borussia Moenchengladbach-RB Leipzig
19.02 15:30 2.613.152.80
End time 1 x2
Bc Tsmoki Minsk - Bc Astana
19.02 15:30 1.682.14
End time 1 x2
HC Verva Litvinov-HC Karlovy Vary
19.02 15:30 1.584.704.50
»  (surface: hard; prize money: € 1 722 820)
End time 1 x2
19.02 15:35 1.692.12
»  (surface: hard; prize money: € 42 500)
End time 1 x2
19.02 15:35 1.522.40
»  (surface: hard; prize money: $ 2 000 000)
End time 1 x2
19.02 15:40 1.462.56
End time 1 x2
ZSC Lions-SCL Tigers
19.02 15:45 1.415.505.45
End time 1 x2
Shamrock Rovers-Cliftonville
19.02 16:00 1.205.7512.00
promotion ends



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